Mónókróm - the new album

With elements of jazz, pop, bluegrass and folk music, guitarist Andres Thor’s new album “Mónókróm” sets a new tone in the guitarists repertoire. Featuring 10 originals that blend guitar, piano, dobro, wurlitzer, lap steel, pedal steel, pump organ, celeste, mellotron, double bass, drums and percussion, the result is a broad and appealing soundscape.


An active performer and composer

Having three albums as a leader and a variety of collective and sideman projects under his belt, Andres Thor has been an active performer and composer in Iceland where he is considered one of the finest jazz guitarists of his generation.

He has performed in Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and USA with his own groups as well as in collaborative projects with musicians from Iceland, Norway, Spain, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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