Nordic Quartet

Andres Thor's new album "Nordic Quartet" continues where "Mónókróm" left off but this time with a nordic collaboration and a different instrumentation.  Andres Thor has put together a band of musicians from Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden resulting in a quartet of four highly accomplished musicians that,  although coming from different places and backgrounds,  are united through this music and have a unique musical kinship and chemistry.  The music is rooted in tradition but branches out with a broad spectrum of influences that flourish in the bands performance.  

Andres Thor (IS)  guitar, pedalsteel guitar

Anders Lønne Grønseth (NO) tenor & soprano saxophones, bass clarinet

Andreas Dreier (DK) bass

Erik Nylander (SV) drums & drummachine

Guitarist Andrés Thor, bassist Andreas Dreier and saxophonist Anders Lønne Grønseth  have all worked together before in Andreas Dreiers quartet that is featured on Dreiers debut album "Stew" (Acoustic Records 2009).  In 2012 they teamed up again adding drummer Erik Nylander to the mix to perform at the Reykjavík Jazzfestival that year where they presented a coellction of new original material.  Since then they have performed in various places in Norway.  In summer 2013 they went into the studio in Oslo and recorded the album "Nordic Quartet" that was released in June 2014 simultaniously in Iceland and Germany.  In Iceland by Dimma and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the german record label Nordic Notes.




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