“Monokrom is an album rich with various different shades and tones that warrants repeated listens. Magical.”

Sean Smith, Tokyo Jazz Notes 25. June 2012

 “As group leader and writer of the pieces, Thor could be all over this music like a nasty rash but instead he displays admirable restraint and a willingness to let the notes breath.”


“Mónókróm might not sit comfortably alongside the field recordings or dubstep we cover elsewhere on the site but it’s a fine record and is an ideal salve late at night after a stressful day, when one can unwind and let the music carry your worries away.”

Jeremy Bye,  A Closer Listen,  30. June 2012


“Mónókróm is strong work from a group that knows each other inside and out. Here Andres Thor has written the right material that allows not only his musicianship to shine but also illustrates his sense of adventure and ability to move freely in different forms. This is one of those superb outings that every jazz fan would be silly to miss.”

Stephan Moore,  Jazzwrap 11. June 2012 

"With Mónókróm, Icelandic guitarist Andres Thor breaks that trend. Like a Nordic version of Frisell’s Americana Jazz sound, Mónókróm adds dobro, pedal and lap steel, Wurlitzer and pump organ to the mix for a set of intoxicating tunes that transition between a brooding simmer and a lively bounce. It doesn’t sound like anything else, which, I suppose, is a pretty impressive quality for an album to possess."

Dave Sumner,  Bird is the worm, 11. November 2012 


“Thor plays relaxed, with good technique and has an exceptionally warm sound that he broadens up with vibrato from his guitaramplifier. In his vocabulary he devotes a good deal of attention to the melody that is mixed with (or parts of) the chords that he utilizes as springboards in his improvisation that goes smoothly.”

Mischa Beckers, Jazzenso 7. Sept. 2009


"I always enjoy Andres Thor when he lets go and allows the barbarian that lives within to blossom – he did so right away in the first song.”

Vernharður Linnet, Mbl 4. Feb. 2007


"He (Andres) is already one of the best icelandic jazzguitarists and composers” “Andres is a magnificently good guitarist with a soft tone and often manages to make the guitar sing as well as being very entertaining while playing chordmelodysolos……”

Vernharður Linnet, Mbl. 16. Aug. 2006


"Thor is an very interesting guitarist with a round, warm and singing tone, What intrigues is the marvellous quality of his improvisation with chordmelody.”

Erik Pelkmans, 12. Dec. 2006


"Andres is an ambitious musician that works wholeheartetly on his art and is a versatile improviser.”

Vernharður Linnet, Mbl 15. Mars 2005


“Andres has a lot of control over his instrument....... He has a very mature sound that he has managed to make his own......... Sophistication and playfulness would perhaps describes it the best.”

Guðjón Guðmundsson, Mbl 10. Nóvember 2003



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