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“WITH NO INTENTION of sitting on the sidelines, Icelandic electric guitarist Andrés Thor and his impressive quartet serve up a compelling, hour-long set of varied originals in their latest release, Ypsilon.”
“The mellow fuzziness in Thor’s tonal palette is positively ambrosial, as is the precision of his technique, which reflects out into the rewarding richness of the overall sound”
15. Október 2016, Adrian Pallant

„Ypsilon is a source of poetic music performed with emotion and soul. Andrés Thor, along with the other three musicians on the album has created yet another successful modern jazz album that you can listen to endlessly, at least that is what I have been doing for a few weeks now. With every listening you get more and more connected to the music„
26. september 2016, Marchin Kozicki

„There are several Icelandic jazz musicians who regularly appear out in the world. Andrés Thor is one of them. The album Ypsilon offers a distinguished blend of cool swinging funk grooves, like on Biscuit as well as a looming cool walk as on Simple Question, where Ari Hoenig serves some superb drumming. You can hear a clear influence of both Jim Hall and Pat Metheny on the recording.“
30. october 2016, Niels Overgaard for Jazznyt

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